1. The main topics of interest for the contents to be published are: Business Administration, Innovation, Marketing, Finance, Economy, Human Capital, Accounting Management, International Trade and related topics. Interdisciplinary approaches are of great importance to the journal.
  2. Articles should be short essays, and should make a concise analysis and thoughtful exploration of the trends that are emerging in the covered aspects or issues. They should be written in such a way that gives the reader a synthetic view of the treated subject and prospects, and helps him to reflect on it.
  3. After receiving the text, it will be reviewed in fifteen days by our editorial team. If it meets the right acceptance criteria, it will be sent to two reviewers or arbitrators for evaluation.
  4. Articles will be published as far as their content, quality, and characteristics conform to the journal objectives and profile. In no way will the reception of said material imply acceptance for publication.
  5. Both teachers and researchers of the University, as well as other local and international universities carry out the review or arbitration. Before the work is sent to the arbitrators, the editor will make a preliminary appraisal to verify the relevance of the content in accordance the objectives of the journal and the formal aspects. When necessary, the publisher or editor can contact the author to agree on drafting improvements to the formal aspects or the content of the submitted text for publication.
  6. The criteria for the papers review are: relevance, scientific quality and originality, clarity of argument, and fulfillment of conditions for submission guidelines.
  7. By submitting an article, the authors are committed to ensuring the originality of their writings and the absence of plagiarism in the text, including self-plagiarism or duplicate publication. The authors will not make arrangements for the publication in other media until a response -about the acceptance or rejection of the article- is received from the journal direction.
  8. Authors must inform the journal, in case of unoriginal papers that have been published previously as pre-print publications on a website or in a repository, or papers that have been presented as a conference communication. The journal will assess acceptance.
  9. Regarding the age of the information, it’s required that the data collection, and operation or field study, have not been finalized in more than three years from the date that the item shipped.
  10. Editorial quality parameters of LATINDEX (Regional Information System for Scientific Journals of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal) apply to printed journals.
  11. The fact that a work is published in this journal does not imply that Blas Pascal University adheres to the opinions expressed on it.
  12. Articles will not be longer than 14 pages, be written in Arial 11 font, have single line spacing, have between 4000 and 5500 words including the summary and key words, and be in A4 page size. The text must emailed to [email protected] in a Microsoft Word file, with tables and graphs on it.
  13. Entries must comply with the following guidelines:
    – The title centered and in bold capital letters, shall tell in no more than five or six words the content or purpose of the paper. The journal can eventually decide, with the author, whether to rename the text.

– The name/s of the author/authors will be placed immediately below the title with a superscript that refers to the footer on the same first page of the article. This indicates the author’s position or role, institution, city, country and e-mail for contact.

– An abstract, of no more than fifty words, will describe the main ideas of the article, trying to make a true invitation to read it. The abstract is required in Spanish and English.

– References are alphabetically ordered by last name of the authors at the end of the article, entitled References, and they will be as follows the APA International Standard.

  1. Authors retain copyright and moral rights and they transfer exclusively and freely the copyright material to Blas Pascal University for publication and dissemination, in the terms of Law No. 11.723 and its amendments. The mere fact submit an article the editor responsible, whether in paper, electronic or by any means, to be reviewed for the purpose of publication, include the transfer categorically that the previous paragraph a. Articles published in the journal may be reproduced freely for academic purposes, citing the source and author. Submit an article to the editor -whether in paper, electronic or other means-, to be reviewed for the purpose of publication, it involves the transfer mentioned above. Articles published in the journal may be reproduced freely for academic purposes, citing the source and author.